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Obama Bout Ta’ Shake, Rattle and Roll

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2010 at 12:41 pm

Obama and I have similiar traits: we’re nice guys who exercise diplomacy and professionalism at all times.  However, upon exhausting such tactics, that’s when we MUST put the foot down – ever so gently atop of your throat with increasing pressure – and the foot remains cutting the air supply until the desired outcome is achieved or you’ve expired. Yes, we are the nicest guys you would ever meet, but one should never erk nice guys. Unequivocally, contrary to popular belief, nice guys always finish first – not last.  We nice guys constrain the unleashing of our evil demon until absolutely necessary. And when the demon is unleashed – evil knows no mercy.

President Obama’s conservative speech gives the GOP the opportunity to stop whining and hoping the country fail. Now the president has extended yet another olive branch to the GOP. The president delivered an outstanding SOTU address; even the GOP response by Virginia’s McDonnell was simply concurring with the president. However, talking-head Chris Matthews, “I forgot he was black tonight,” deserves a serious azz kicking.

Now, about ending ENDA, I llike what Alvin McEwin had to say:

And yes, I noticed what he said about DADT. And I know that others noticed his mention of the commitment to overturn the policy.

Now before some of us start ruminating in that particular way which we do, I would ask that you remember the faces of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They weren’t exactly looking all that happy.

Maybe I am misinterpreting their desire not to show emotion, but then again, maybe I’m not.

Overturning DADT should happen and it will. But it won’t be easy. We should remember that. Instead of directing venom at Obama’s way because he “isn’t moving fast enough,” I would suggest that we continue to do what we do – and that is to exert pressure on the President. Remind him that we helped to get him elected and we lgbts as Americans deserve our rights.

But let’s not get caught away with the hyperbole. Yes, we are all tired of being second class citizens but talking about how sick and tired you are may make you feel good via facebook or the blogs, but it entails more than that.

To tell the truth though, I have been very disturbed by some folks’ overeagerness to paint the President as a “bigot.” He is pragmatic to the point of annoyance at times, but to call him names reveals a haste that’s not conducive to the community.

  1. Obama turned me on the way he manhandled those republicans…lol

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