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After going to Meridian, Idaho,the home of the 10 American (holy-ghost filled) child traffickers in Haiti, CNN discovered some important facts about the Baptist missionary group :

  • no experience running an orphanage,
  • not registered as a non-profit,
  • no financial ability to sustain the orphanage; and
  • not registered as an International adoption agency

Now that the Dominican government officials state they warned the Americans they would be arrested for trafficking, the groups Haitian interpreter stated the groups priority was to seek out children under the age of 10 – not orphans, and a Haitian police officer has been detained for possibly taking a bribe to assist the Americans, the 10 American Baptist have suddenly stopped talking to the press. Now they’ve started singing Kumbaya religious songs instead of revealing more lies.

So, as the facts unravel and the groups spokes person NOW refuses to answer anymore question – NOW the kumbaya songs begin.

Anderson Cooper is correct upon this interpretation of the group:

Every time I heard this story the term ‘ugly American’ pops into my head. If you’re not familiar with the meaning Dictionary.com defines “the Ugly American” as: Pejorative term for Americans traveling or living abroad who remain ignorant of local culture and judge everything by American standards.

I would bet those missionaries thought (and probably still think) that they were doing those kids and their families a huge favor rescuing them from a life in Haiti. But what they should have realized is that their efforts and money would have been more appreciated if they had worked to preserve the family unit and help it to succeed in Haiti.
To further bore you, I see a parallel here between those missionaries and religious groups here at home who seem to think they know what is best for all of us when it comes to gay marriage or a women’s right to choose, etc. Pushing an agenda in God’s name just isn’t the Christianity I know.
I’m up pretty high on my soap box tonight, hope I don’t hurt myself when I jump off!

Thanks All Things Anderson Cooper


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