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COGIC Spends $10Mil Annually to Defend Sexual Predators?

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2010 at 4:32 pm

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is a den of sin. Women are raped and molested by their men of God while the COGIC Inc. male dominated governance make great attempts to hastily cover up any and every trail leading back to an institution steep in sin and criminal activity. Some say COGIC Inc. alleged 10 million a year to cover up, pay out of court, and defend predators actual cost is well over 10 million a year.

So, is that where your 10% goes?

A grand jury has indicted COGIC pastor  Prince Wilbert Woolfolk on charges that he raped a teenager nearly 25 years ago. The pastor admitted to having “some sexual contact” with then an illegal minor girl, but the pastor claims it wasn’t rape.

Also, “the victim’s mother told the court Woolfork used scriptures to discourage her from notifying the police about the rape. Very typical of these wolves to cloak themselves in scripture to hide their crimes.”

The Associated Press reported that a grand jury reached the verdict on Jan 30 giving the man a 20 year sentence for first degree rape.

A grand jury has indicted a former western Kentucky preacher on charges that he raped a teenager nearly 25 years ago.

Owensboro police Sgt. Randy Boling the family of the alleged victim filed a complaint against 75-year-old Prince Wilbert Woolfolk in July. No criminal charges were filed at the time, but the case was presented to the grand jury on this week.


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