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Hands Off!

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2010 at 12:07 am

Update. The winners of the 2010 AdZone are in and the above video House Rules is the #1 overall super bowl ad. The following generational like and dislike is very interesting:
Age group 13- 29 voted House Rules ad at #1
Age group30 -49 voted #2
Age group 50 -54 voted #4
Age group 55 -64 voted #6
Age gropu 65+ voted voted #2

Kudos to Doritos ad team – you got Black folks hooked!   This is too funny!   Nevertheless, you know how some of y’all Negros get upon dissecting any and everything Black.  Some say it depicts the Black family negatively, others say the Black male is shown hyper sexualized, and more say it depicts a disrespectful boy who obviously is accustom to various men in and out mamas bedroom.  Yes, I didn’t expect the slap but it’s too funny.

My analysis: Where did Lil Jaylen learn this behavior?  Mama knows lil Jaylen has witnessed some domestic violence going on with mom and his biological father or a few too many guys parading through the house possibly abusing or fondling his mama.  Lil Jaylen is playing man of the house a lil too early.  Mama should curtail her visitors around lil Jaylen or mama’s gonna have soon a big Jaylen angry about her unwise choices. Maybe lil Jaylen has run all the men out of mama’s life with his bad-lil-azz mouth, temper, and physical violence. Maybe guys see lil Jaylen as competition or in a few years trying to kick their azz.


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