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Harold Ford: Protecting New White Wife from Southern Bigots

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2010 at 1:14 pm

Harold Ford said, “I’m in an interracial marriage. I think my marriage is more accepted here[NY] than it would be in Tennessee.”

The former congressman from Memphis said that after his 2006 defeat to Bob Corker and the victory in 2008 of Barack Obama “there was so much bad racial stuff out of Tennessee on Obama.

Ford has recently flip flopped his position on gay marriage. What has marr where he has changed his position since the 2006 Senate race.

“There are pastors in my Tennessee district who said you can minister to someone and change their sexual orientation. I just never accepted that,” Ford said. “I’m a heterosexual. I don’t know what anyone can say to me to make me sexually be with a man.”
<blockquoteI am a democrat, and I may believe Jr. about his interracial marriage, but he is still a sellout. Why did he change on every position once he moved to New York? Also, he is still not a real democrat. He works with Merrill Lynch and is running for senator to get rid of the corporate tax rate. He just wants money and power, and I will never vote for him. BTW, here is something even more shameful: even though he was an African American representing Memphis, the Congressional Black Caucus only gave him a score of 34 percent as far as how many times he has voted for things that are good for the black community. Congressman Cohen has a score of 76 percent. Cohen has shown more interest and care for the African American community than Ford, because Cohen actually cares. The only way Ford will ever see Washington again is if he becomes a lobbyist.

  1. congratulations to them they are going to have beautiful white children…lol.
    I think Ford changed his views on gay marraige for political gain, no more no less.

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