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Ruffneck. Thug. Psychopath.

In Uncategorized on February 13, 2010 at 8:10 pm

He’s a ruffneck and a psychopath? Now that’s a dangerous concoction! Can you recognize the different traits between a ruffneck and a ruffneck psychopath?

First. So, what’s all the facination about ruffnecks? I’ve listened to several radio stations poll women who call in and affirm their pursuit of a ruffneck. After listening for a while you discover that each woman has a specific ruffneck criteria. Some want a “ruffneck-lite,” others desire a “ruffneck on demand,” while many prefer the “designer ruffneck.” But, I’ve not heard the request for a “bonified ruffneck” that comes with all the trimmings. A real thug/ruffneck consist of eat, fuck, sleep, shit and run dem streets.

What do men think women find attractive: body shape, masculinity, intellectual power, social status, economic status, and or physical strength? Women say the most important are economic status, social status and intellectual power.

So, what if a thug doesn’t possess the above elements? Does he conpensate by recklessly using his biological power tool: The Penis. If he aint’ got bling, money or status – certainly, he got a dick. Unfortunatley, the thugs penis can be used to compensate for his socioeconomic inadequacies; therefore, being the conduit to a harem of baby mamas and or think it’s cool to be taken care of by a woman.

What’s a ruffneck to do? Is it getting hard out here for a thug!

So, how do the women and men who desire ruffnecks select the preferred traits? You don’t! Therefore, be careful for what you wish; you just might get more than you ever imagined in your wildest dreams. Too often I hear the story: I thought he would change; he said….; or he did nice things for me – until…

In contrast, that leaves the opposite minority preference for the nice guy. Wait a minute, just for the record, nice guys do NOT come in last. They reap the benefit in the end.

In addition, in the early 90’s McLyte’s depicted the ruff neck in her song entitled Ruff Neck. Is it possible for a ruffneck to have predator traits which are indicative of a psychopath.

I need a ruffneck
I need a man that don’t stitch like a bitch
Shead tears or switch
Doin’ whatever it takes to make ends meet
But never meetin’ the end ’cause he knows the street
Eat sleep shit fuck,eat sleep shit
Then it’s back to the streets to make a buck quick
I need a dude with attitude
I need a man that’s quick and swift
To put out the spliff and get stiff
Boxer shorts and everything is fitting large
But he don’t gotta be large to be in charge
I need a ruffneck
Makin’ noise with the boys up to no good
C-low on the down low cops come around so ruffneck front like he gotta go
Evil grin with a mouth full of gold teeth
Startin’ beef is how he spells relief

Now, lets look at a psychopath. Dr. Ann Salter says “psychopaths are offenders without a conscience and fool people for the thrill of it. Deception is often their main event. The psychopath that does commit crimes is an equal opportunity offender, commiting a variety of crimes – to include sexual crimes. Instead of feeling remores over deceiving others, psychopaths feel what is termed “dupin delight,” a kind of joy and almost childlike delight in duping other people. Their lying and manipulation is just so difficult to detect.” Now, does that sound like your partner?

Solution. Instead of seeking a thug,I’d suggest you do some communicating with your partner. If she/he has a ruffneck fetish, try role play. Why not rock a 40mm fake platinum pendant and chain, Timbs, oversized jeans, custom hoodies, fitted cap, and fake tattoos in private or on the town; brotha, you just might uncover some new spice with your lady or man. Maybe a possible valentine treat?


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