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1st Annual “Flip The Script” Competition

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First Annual “Flip The Script” Competition
The Brainwash Stops with You!

by Tom Burrell
With Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority, I explore the damaging effects of centuries-long, negative media messaging and how some blacks today have subconsciously, consciously or unconsciously adopted and perpetrate buffoonish, demeaning, sexually explicit or violent characterizations of African Americans. We are bombarded with this negativity through hip-hop lyrics and videos, movies, television programs, comedy routines, “street lit” and other mediums that we control and programs we produce.
It is in this spirit that I call on our most imaginative and enlightened minds to join a powerful new media revolution aimed at ending the myth of black inferiority. A few links have been provided below to spark your imagination but not limit your vision. Bring your own unique talent, your best game and your true passion for change to the competition.

Remember, some of the world’s greatest social movements began with a change of consciousness. The Internet, social media and new technology levels the global playing field and gives us the opportunity to disseminate media messages on our terms that can defeat ancient prejudices, and squelch age-old stereotypes.

I’m hoping that you will join me in ushering in a new era of positive race consciousness.

You can start by participating in our “Flip the Script…” competition. A revolution is afoot and you need not ask permission to be a part of this mighty movement.

Remember, the Brainwash stops with you!


  2. Discover the true place of Blacks according to the Holy Bible!

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