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I never told anyone this before.

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by C. Crow
Sex therapist often hear the above statement. Breaking through the sense of shame many people feel towards their sexuality is often the most liberating aspect of sex therapy. Being able to acknowledge and discuss one’s sexual needs with a partner is a huge breakthrough for many couples. It is quite common for people to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when they begin Sex Therapy. However,with repeated exposure to the sexual issues at hand along with the non-judgmental encouragement of the sex therapist, the client usually feels more at ease and can discuss any aspect of their sexual experience.

Sex Therapy is a streamlined form of psychotherapy that focuses exclusively on the sexual functioning of an individual or a couple. Sex Therapy is the preferred modality for treating the psychosocial aspects of sexual dysfunctions such as erectile problems, painful intercourse, premature ejaculation, sexual aversion, lack of sexual desire, and difficulty attaining orgasm.

Before Sex Therapy begins, the client should undergo a complete physical examination by a doctor to ensure that any health issues contributing to the sexual dysfunction have been addressed. Many people do not realize that common diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and depression can interfere with sexual functioning. After any underlying medical issues have been addressed, the doctor and sex therapist should work together to address the medical and psychological components simultaneously.

A Sex Therapist may work with many different issues depending on the training, experience and interest.


The Shibboleth of “Black Buying Power”

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We’ve been hearing the same song for decades: “Black people’s buying power is [x] billions of dollars. When will we harness our buying power?” But it’s all a crock. Nobody has ever shopped their way to freedom. In a global economy where much of what we buy is manufactured or grown on the other side of the world, shopping does not build wealth in our communities. What shopping builds is debt, and black people already carry twice the rate of credit card debt of whites.

The Shibboleth of “Black Buying Power”
A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Jared Ball
Poverty is a well-structured, planned outcome of an economic system which demands that it exist.”
What is there to say when gaps between demonstrable reality and people’s perceptions are as wide as the ever-widening gaps in wealth? 2010 begins with another promotional round of the popular mythology of Black “buying power.” But this economic Easter Bunny comes at great material consequence. The “great disconnect between our people’s wishful mis-perceptions and the objective reality that actually shapes our lives,” as Glen Ford has said recently, is in part due to misinformation and the conclusions reached by so many prominent thinkers in our world. For precisely at a time when Black unemployment is worsening and predicted to reach even further epidemic levels we also hear of research which suggests that Black Americans think their lot is actually improving. This is precisely the kind of “necessary illusion” required for those targeted for massive exploitation and, in this case, is the result of the false and empty claims of economic strength which are attendant to the lies inherent to phrases like “Black buying power.”

In other words, while official unemployment numbers have Black unemployment at 16.2% and predicted to soon be well over 17%, the Pew Research Center shows that 39% of Black America, compared to 20% in 2007, now say that the situation in this country is better than 5 years ago. 53%, versus 44% in 2007, now say that the future will be brighter. This delusion, no fault of Black people, is the result of Goebbels-quality propaganda which is routinely imposed on the nation.

“Precisely at a time when Black unemployment is worsening and predicted to reach even further epidemic levels we also hear of research which suggests that Black Americans think their lot is actually improving.” Read the rest of this entry »

US sending $30 Million to Uganda. WHY?

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At grants.gov there is a $30 million grant opportunity for HIV/AIDS training in UGANDA under the Presdent’s Emergency Plan for AIDS(PEPFAR).  Yes, Uganda!  A country currently underway  to enact legislation to kill gays and imprison folks with HIV/AIDS.  Why not withhold the 30million from a country that overtly deny human rights of gays and people living with HIV/AIDS?   Even with the recent attempts to slightly amend the bill by Religious bigots, still, there remains such hatred  under the disguise of Religion?

Also, which four groups will receive this pot of money?  Will it be more faith-based groups agitating Ugandans to kill  and imprison gays and people with HIV? Pastor Rick Warren has most likely used an enormous pot of grant dollars to promote the Ugandan Kill Gays bill.  Let pastor Rick train his pals in Uganda with church offering. Ugandan pastor Ssempa, who recently rejected president Obama’s criticism toward Uganda, said he sold thousands of pastor Warren’s Driven Purpose book in Uganda. The US should not spend 30mil on Uganda untill the Kill Gays bill has been defeated.

The purpose of this program is to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Uganda to meet the increasing need for HIV/AIDS service delivery training including pre-service and in-service training. Funding will support efforts at the national level to plan, coordinate, implement, supervise and perform quality assurance for HIV/AIDS training. Although this announcement specifically refers to HIV/AIDS training, activities should be coordinated with principal non-HIV/AIDS stakeholders for an integrated approach, and training may be expanded to cover other priority public health concerns as appropriate.

Document Type: Grants Notice
Funding Opportunity Number: CDC-RFA-PS10-1022
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Posted Date: Feb 10, 2010
Creation Date: Feb 10, 2010
Original Closing Date for Applications: Apr 08, 2010
Current Closing Date for Applications: Apr 08, 2010
Archive Date: May 08, 2010
Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity: Health
Category Explanation:
Expected Number of Awards: 4
Estimated Total Program Funding: $30,000,000
Award Ceiling: $2,900,000
Award Floor: $600,000
CFDA Number(s): 93.067  —  Global AIDS
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement: No

Who is eligible?

Eligible applicants that can apply for this funding opportunity are listed Read the rest of this entry »

LGBT Scholarship Application 2010

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Point Foundation Opens 2010 LGBT Scholarship Application Season
The Point Foundation, the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students of merit, has announced the opening of its 2010 application season. Students who will be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs for the 2010-11 school year are eligible to apply for the prestigious multiyear scholarships.

Point Foundation’s rigorous selection process requires of its candidates demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement, and financial need. Particular attention is paid to students who have lost the financial and social support of their families and/or communities as a result of revealing their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

The average amount of annual support devoted to each scholar is between $25,000 and $33,000. A Point Scholarship award includes financial support as well as programmatic support in leadership training, community service, and mentoring.

Individuals selected as Point Scholars agree to maintain a high level of academic performance, attend Point’s various leadership forums, participate in press interviews, and give back to the LGBT community through the completion of an individual community service project each year. To better prepare its scholars for success in school and in society, they are matched with mentors from the professional world through Point’s Mentoring Program; mentors lend their professional expertise and career guidance and become important role models to scholars.

For information on how to apply for a Point Scholarship, visit the Point Foundation Web site.

Link to Complete RFP

Made in the USA?

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Have you seen the latest fashions from Mauritius? Where?
Do you even know where Mauritius is located? Neither did I until recently. Well…Mauritius is a tiny island located 600miles off Madagascar; better yet, it’s in the middle of the Indian Ocean, ok!

Recently, I made my first visit to Costco’s. I wanted to check out the goods first before giving up fifty bucks for a twelve month membership. Well… to my surprise, I discovered some good deals and savings on many items from food to clothing, but what really caught my interest was the exact manufacturing logo stamped on the majority of the clothing and food products. Next, I started checking the labels. Not to my surprise, every item was made out of the USA. I put together a simple jean outfit and not one item was made anywhere near the USA: Jeans- China; Shirt-Honduras; Jacket – Vietnam and Shoes – Columbia.

So what are the choices for those who want to buy products made in the U.S.A.?
Peter-Cohansay, ” It’s surprisingly difficult to find companies that actually make their products in America. For instance, you might think that Anheuser Busch Companies (NYSE: BUD) brews its beer in the U.S. However, while it has many plants in the U.S., it also brews in Japan, China and Germany. Hasbro Inc. (NYSE: HAS) makes its Monopoly board game in Waterford, Ireland, not in the U.S. And Wrangler jeans for the U.S. market are manufactured in Central America and Mexico.”

A Godless Negro

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If your religion hasn’t done any more for you than it has, you need to forget it anyway.” — Malcolm X!

After all is said and done, there is no good reason to believe that our success depends upon God. Whether God exists or not, as we continue into the 21st century, it should be clear that human thought and human action must be at the center of our movements. All of our accomplishments can be explained in terms that are clearly and strictly human. There were no credible reports of angels on hand during the Battle of Gettysburg or Sherman’s March on Atlanta. There was no burning bush that spoke to Martin Luther King during the 1963 March on Washington. No one turned into a pillar of salt at the Million Man March. All of these events came to pass as a result of human thought and human action. And there is no good reason to assume that God has been responsible for any of our incredible achievements.

Black humanists and freethinkers have long been involved in Black intellectualism and activism. Hubert Henry Harrison was one of the greatest orators of the early part of the 20th century. He was a leading thinker and editor of the newspaper, the Negro World, of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association. Under Harrison’s leadership, the paper became the largest selling Black paper in the world.

A. Philip Randolph founded and led the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and called for the first March on Washington. He was the “grandfather” of the Civil Rights Movement. He became one of the “Big Six” major civil rights leaders, and signed Humanist Manifesto II in 1973.

Joel Augustus Rogers was an influential Black anthropologist. He wrote such books as From Superman to Man, As Nature Leads, 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro, three volumes of Sex and Race, two volumes of World’s Great Men of Color, and Africa’s Gift to America. He challenged the racist scholarship of his day and spent 50 years researching Black history.

The Black Panthers practiced what Huey Newton called “revolutionary humanism.” Their 10-point program was completely secular and they wisely heeded Malcolm’s call to keep religion out of their organization. Their program was human-centered and they were primarily concerned with concrete problems such as eliminating police brutality and feeding the hungry.

Maulana Karenga is a leading Black studies scholar. He is a former leader of the activist organization United Slaves, and he spoke at the Million Man March. Karenga established Kwanzaa—a major secular celebration of Black life and culture. He has shown that one can contribute to Black uplift without making a belief in God central to Black existence.

Black humanists, freethinkers, atheists, rationalists, and agnostics will continue to contribute to human advancement. But now is the time for us to come out of the closet. We Blacks are a diverse people, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. We have many religions, and some of us have none at all. We should be no more ashamed of our non-theism than we are of our African ancestry. It is time once and for all to stand up and be counted. We have a very proud past, and if we courageously defend our worldview, we will be in an even better position to forge a glorious future.

…the first to say goodbye

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Ever been in a comfortable long-term relationship where the sexual relationship has come to an end, yet the friendship is very well alive and kicking?  Both of you still go through the motions of a relationship, but you both know it’s just not what it should/could be and just won’t let it die. Maybe it’s best to move forward but neither of you want to be the first to say goodbye or initiate the process.  So, should you continue as is or embark upon anew? So many questions.  I guess if neither one of you want to be the first to say goodbye, remain as is until that moment arrives.

Harold Ford: Protecting New White Wife from Southern Bigots

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Harold Ford said, “I’m in an interracial marriage. I think my marriage is more accepted here[NY] than it would be in Tennessee.”

The former congressman from Memphis said that after his 2006 defeat to Bob Corker and the victory in 2008 of Barack Obama “there was so much bad racial stuff out of Tennessee on Obama.

Ford has recently flip flopped his position on gay marriage. What has marr where he has changed his position since the 2006 Senate race.

“There are pastors in my Tennessee district who said you can minister to someone and change their sexual orientation. I just never accepted that,” Ford said. “I’m a heterosexual. I don’t know what anyone can say to me to make me sexually be with a man.”
<blockquoteI am a democrat, and I may believe Jr. about his interracial marriage, but he is still a sellout. Why did he change on every position once he moved to New York? Also, he is still not a real democrat. He works with Merrill Lynch and is running for senator to get rid of the corporate tax rate. He just wants money and power, and I will never vote for him. BTW, here is something even more shameful: even though he was an African American representing Memphis, the Congressional Black Caucus only gave him a score of 34 percent as far as how many times he has voted for things that are good for the black community. Congressman Cohen has a score of 76 percent. Cohen has shown more interest and care for the African American community than Ford, because Cohen actually cares. The only way Ford will ever see Washington again is if he becomes a lobbyist.

Hands Off!

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Update. The winners of the 2010 AdZone are in and the above video House Rules is the #1 overall super bowl ad. The following generational like and dislike is very interesting:
Age group 13- 29 voted House Rules ad at #1
Age group30 -49 voted #2
Age group 50 -54 voted #4
Age group 55 -64 voted #6
Age gropu 65+ voted voted #2

Kudos to Doritos ad team – you got Black folks hooked!   This is too funny!   Nevertheless, you know how some of y’all Negros get upon dissecting any and everything Black.  Some say it depicts the Black family negatively, others say the Black male is shown hyper sexualized, and more say it depicts a disrespectful boy who obviously is accustom to various men in and out mamas bedroom.  Yes, I didn’t expect the slap but it’s too funny.

My analysis: Where did Lil Jaylen learn this behavior?  Mama knows lil Jaylen has witnessed some domestic violence going on with mom and his biological father or a few too many guys parading through the house possibly abusing or fondling his mama.  Lil Jaylen is playing man of the house a lil too early.  Mama should curtail her visitors around lil Jaylen or mama’s gonna have soon a big Jaylen angry about her unwise choices. Maybe lil Jaylen has run all the men out of mama’s life with his bad-lil-azz mouth, temper, and physical violence. Maybe guys see lil Jaylen as competition or in a few years trying to kick their azz.

A Must Read/Listen: INFIDEL by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Such an incredible story.  How could one go from devoted muslim to atheist?.  Easily, I say!  Stepping away from mental slavery/conformity does exactly that.

The former Dutch parliamentarian, who now lives in the United States, is a vociferous critic of Islam and has faced numerous death threats for years.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali the former Dutch politician who’s life is threatened by Muslims because she wrote a film script that criticised Islam.

Her rejection of Islam though wasn’t simply a reaction to jihadism. She was deeply influenced by The Atheist Manifesto, a work by the Dutch philosopher Herman Philipse, and after renouncing Islam, she became an atheist.
Her fame however was largely due to her collaboration with the film maker Theo Gogh. She wrote the script and  voice-over for the highly controversial “Submission” – a film that is critical of the treatment of women in Islamic society.

The film caused so much controversy, there were threats on Van Gogh’s life. On November 2, 2004, he was stabbed to death on a street in Amsterdam. His attacker, Mohammed Bouyeri, attached a piece of paper to Van Gogh’s body with a knife. The message it contained included a threat on the life of Hirsi Ali.

Ali states she had once been a devout Muslim, but had since come to question not just how Islam has been interpreted and practiced, but the core of the Prophet Mohammad’s teachings. “No culture, no religion, no idea has ever been as brutal to women as Islam,” she told the crowd. “It was a special kind of hatred the Nazis had against the Jews. Islam sanctions a special kind of hatred against women.” She said that Islam is more than a religion, but also a political system, one that is incompatible with U.S. democracy and pluralism. “They are as different as day and night.”