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I Gave Benny Hinn My Life Savings

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2010 at 11:19 am

Yeah, Right! Unfortunately, some folks have willingly delivered their life saving to a crook. Look at these Black folks in this pic. We are so gullible because of one simple fact; It’s so much easier for us Negros to believe than it is to think.   Madoff ain’t got nothing on Benn Hinn.

Hinn made a number of unfulfilled prophecies for the 90s, such as God destroying America’s homosexual community in 1995, the death of Fidel Castro, the election of the first female president of the USA, the East Coast of the United States being devastated by earthquakes.

Hinn also appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network in October 1999 to claim that God had given him a vision that thousands of dead people would be resurrected after watching the network—laying out a scenario of people placing their dead loved ones’ hands on TV screens tuned into the station.

In December 2006, BHM sent out a mailing asking for donations towards a new Gulfstream G4SP jet valued at an estimated $36 million and costing over $600,000/year to maintain and operate.


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