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Is a God Required to be Moral?

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  • Man does not require a god to be moral ( someone please go tell this to Steve Harvey)
  • Religion divides more that it unites.
  • It’s untrue that atheists “believe in nothing.”
  • It does not take more faith to be an atheist.
  • Religion is incompatible with science.
  • Scripture is man-made and demonstrably false.
  • God did not create man in His image.
  • Man created a god in his.

Across the nation and around the world, more and more people are shaking loose the bonds of irrationality and false religion, proving that there’s nothing quite as liberating as the truth.



Teachers Perform Exorcism in Schoolhouse

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Why did these two Negro theist walk into a classroom and attempt to perform an exorcism? See, that’s what being in love with Jesus and not a black man does to the black woman psyche.

“Two teachers accused of sprinkling holy water onto an avowed atheist colleague have been removed from the classroom, and may be fired.”

Is that classified as a simple assault by holy water? 😉

“The teacher who was allegedly sprinkled filed a complaint with the Broward County school district, which is investigating the incident as an act of bullying.
Leslie Rainer and Djuna Robinson are accused of sprinkling holy water on fellow teacher Schandra Tompkinsel Rodriguez, who was discussing her disbelief in the Christian god with students.

The alleged incident took place during a “lively discussion” in Rodriguez’s classroom, during which a student said the January 12 Haitian earthquake happened because of the island’s Satanic pact made 200 years ago.

Rodriguez reportedly brought up points that refuted not only the “Satanic pact” theory but Christianity itself. At some point, Rainer and Robinson entered the room with a bottle of liquid.Several students witnessed the events and have come forward on behalf of Rodriguez, but Rainer and Robinson deny the accusation. The two were escorted out of their classrooms, in front of students, and told not to return to school grounds until the investigation is concluded.” [Article]

Rev. Jeff Owens: An American Terrorist?

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Listen to Rev. Jeff Owens death to gays via MP3. The Videos have been removed but the audio lives on.

Is Rev Owens a Taliban operative in the good old U.S. of A.? The good Rev. wants to “stop during flags and start burning FAGS…” Clearly, the good Rev. Owens Sr. has been using his bully pulpit to send out a rebel call for the mass extermination/murder of homosexuals.

If Rev. Jeff Owens at Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church has his way, or what he thinks is the Lords way, anyone can take up weapons and hunt gays, burn them and murder them – just as long as they hunt and kill a homo.

Thanks SLOG for posting this good stuff. We need to stop burning flags and start burning fags. We need hunt-a-homo week. We need to take ’em all out and shoot ’em with a scatter shotgun: that’s Christian compassion for you all right. Now for all you moderate Christians offended by this sort of thing—by Owens’ sermon, by my posting about it—if you want to tell anyone that Owens doesn’t speak for all Christians, go tell Owens. I’m sick of hearing it, frankly, and Owens needs to hear it. And you can reach Pastor Compassion at…

Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church
“One of America’s Most Exciting Churches”
2251 Williamsport Pike
Martinsburg, West Virginia 25404
PHONE: 304-263-3461 (don’t phone, message box is full)
FAX: 304-263-0151
Send a message via church website HERE

Get the full scoop on Rev Owens and his family at SLOG

Let us not forget that Rev. Owens son Rev. Owens Jr. is a registered sex offender after sexually assaulting two minor girls; Owens Jr. was the youth minister at his father’s church.

Jesus Emasculates the Black Male

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Black folks, especially black men, must discard any and all images of Jesus and God.

The black clergy’s teaching and preaching on the psyche of black folks has harmful repercussions: emascualtion. Worshipping the white Jesus as God all mighty, and lord and savior are underlying causes of the high rates of recalcitrance, delinquencies, violence, self-abuse, and criminal behavior among many young black men.

The worship of Jesus Christ, the ancient Roman, white male idol, is equivalent to “white male worshipping” and when young black men are embedded in “white-male worshipping folkways,” many of them experience the same negative feelings and anger induced by poverty and white racism.

God is a white male has been ingrained in the psyche of black folk.  Black women are more in love with Jesus compared to a black females love for a black man.

Subconsciously, many black men try to make up for a or attain the manhood they seek by diminishing black women with such things as spousal abuse, date violence, sexism, assuming a tough guy or gangster persona, playing the field with many female relationships, having many babies out of wedlock, and undercutting or violating social norms.

Historically, the Negro slaves could not exert their manhood because they would have been judged as “bad niggers” and slaughtered by their white slave masters. Slavery’s harsh treatment and torture were physical deterrents that prevented NEgro males slaves from exhibiting authentic manhood.

The white slave master gave the ancient Roman, Constatine-certified, version of Christianity to the NEgro slave. This version of presented the Negro slave with an additional and higher level of whte male dominance: that of a white male, son of God, Jesus Christ, who was the Lord and Savior of the world.

–text taken from author Dr. Christopher C. Bell’s book: “The Black Clergy’s Misguided Worship Leadership: No More Idol Gods For Black People”