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Will Morality Czar Consummate 4th Marriage?

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2010 at 2:29 am

Entertainer Rush Limbaugh whom continually moralizes on the radio about the decline of American values took on his 4th bride today.   The 59 year old Limbaugh rocks the cradle by wedding the 33 year old K. Rogers.  By simply rounding, that’s a 30 year age gap. Wow!

So, when Roger’s was 10yrs old, Rush was damn near 40yrs old.  Rush, my boy, that makes you sound like a pedophiliac.

But if Rush can marry 30yrs younger it must be good moral judgement – Right?

Anyway, it is rumored that Sir Elton John is entertaining the bride and groom for a cool one million bucks.  It’s not certain if Sir Elton performed last night at the luau style party held at the The Breakers resort in Palm Springs, Florida.

I wonder why Rush didn’t wed in Tehran or Costa Rica.  Why those places?

Remember earlier this year when Rush emphatically swore that he’d leave the country if Obama’s health care bill were ever passed. Well…Rush is a big fat liar;  he’s still here in the US. Maybe he’ll move his young bride to Baghdad, Iraq.

Nevertheless, nationally or aborad, rumors keep circulating that Rush Limbaugh is gay; he never consummates his marriages.  Read the below and tell me if your gaydar goes off:

First Marriage — Roxy McNeely: divorced – no children
Second Marriage — Michelle Sixta: divorced – no children
Third Marriage — Marta Fitzgerald: divorced – no children
Fourth Marriage –Kate Rogers:  soon to be divorced – no children

Also, in 1971 Limbaugh attended Southeastern Missouri University, where, according to reports, he had a brief but heated affair with Elliot Sanders. So gay is Limbaugh, guarantees Sanders, that, “none of his marriages was ever consummated.”

In addition,  it’s stated that Rush third wife Marta grew tired of never having sex with her allegedly closeted homosexual of a husband, and so asked for a divorce. A British source learned that Marta agreed to avoid disclosing Rush’s loseted homosexuality, or penchant for child pornography, in exchange for a hefty divorce settlement.

Finally, Rush quotes on marriage and divorce says a lot about Rush:

July 16, 1996: [from the childless Limbaugh] Marriage is simply the way humanity has discovered that it is the best way to build a building block of an orderly society and sustain it. That’s all it is. It is also the means by which you produce legitimate offspring. And I–and I’ve–whatever else Barney and his mate do, they cannot do that. And that’s the soul purpose–now look, we’re devaluing marriage–a lot of divorce. Got to fix that. There is way, way too much illegitimacy in this country, and it’s leading to the crime rate. This business of the gay marriage is nothing more than a money grab, in my opinion, so people can get on the welfare rolls or the benefit rolls, in state offices and other–and other places.


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