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Lil Boosie: Father of Six @ 27 off to Prison – AGAIN

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2010 at 1:24 pm

Lil Boosie lyrics state, “fu*k em all in their azz with 10 dicks…  Well… looks like  27 yr old Lil Booty Boosie , pending a possible life sentence for murder and drugs, will explore more than 10 dicks.

Looks like Lil Boosie‘s hellish journey due to his new indictments has begun. …police are stating that Boosie paid to have Terry Boyd killed and they are officially looking into the other five murders that the rapper has been tied to as well. One murder in particular is that of a man named Chris “Nussie” Jackson. Jackson was killed in February of 2009. Officials believe that all the murders are related due to the common theme of money paid and the similar styles of the murders. If convicted of the murders, Boosie faces the possibility of death by lethal injection. Boosie’s drug indictment is in full swing too. His girlfriend, the former correctional officer, and the other inmate have all been officially charged with the drug crimes. Reports have it that Boosie’s girlfriend has also been arrested. If Boosie is found guilty on his drug indictment, he could face life in prison.

And if things didn’t look bad enough for the rapper, a song has surfaced where he threatens the District Attorney involved with his case. The song is entitled “F–k ‘Em All” and is off the Gone Til December mixtape. The song in a nutshell basically says that District Attorney Hillar Moore would be dead by the time the rapper finished his original sentence. There are some threats and personal attacks against the prosecutor as well.

– thanks Norfork Examiner


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