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Where the hell are you daddy?

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2010 at 5:01 am
Where the hell are you daddy, that’s what I’m sayin’
Down on my knees and tears and I’m prayin’
Wishing and hoping my dreams could come true
So I could feel like the other kids do
A young child but not complete as a whole
Before I was born you up and strolled
Mama was there but you was up in the wind
You never even knew my name and then
You never wrote, called, let alone came by
As a youth it was hard to wonder why
But now I’m older and I don’t dwell on self pity
Thinking about the life you didn’t give me
I remember when I used to tell lies
When people would ask I’d just fantasize
Thinking of stories to make you look good
But the real truth was you was never no good
People would say I looked just like you
But rest assured I don’t act like you
I’m more than that, my mama raised me better
And you can best believe I’m much more together
So belive that
It’s been said you gave me something you never had
But that’s not always true and it’s sad
To find myself missing you when I did
But who knows the reasons why you did what you did
I can’t help but wonder why
You lived your life as a big fat lie
You act like you had no responsibilities
‘Cause if you did it’s a bet that you wouldn’t be
Stealin’ beggin’ hustlin’ and schemin’
You could’a got a job
But did you know the meaning of work
I’m talking about an honest day’s pay
But you was too lazy to be that way
Always trying to take the easy route
That’s what they tell me, so I don’t doubt
It for a moment, not for a sec
Because you lacked all your self respect
But it’s too late for you that is
Tomorrow I’ll be going on about my biz
And so it’s time to put the past behind
Erase the anger and clear my mind
I want to forget the little bit I know
And make sure that I never sink so low
‘Cause I want my kids to grow up and know
That I was always there because I loved them so
And that’s the least thing that I can do
But that’s a lot more than I got from you

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