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Beck v. Sharpton: Religion is the Root of Evil

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Yesterday, I attended Al Sharpton’s Reclaim the Dream rally and march in our nations capitol that marked the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream speech; the historic march that Bayard Rustin, an openly gay man, is credited as the chief organizer, but not recognized by the homophobic black community. Yesterday’s, rally site was the historic Dunbar High School – originally named Preparatory High School for Colored Youth – the first public high school for black folk.

First, kudos to Sharpton for presenting a very diverse group of speakers that mirrored today’s groups of people who are fighting for justice and equality in our nation.    Yes, the podium was heavily adorned with christian ministers, but I overlooked all the come-to-Jesus rhetoric and took away the core philosophical message of reclaiming King’s dream.

My favorite speaker was Arne Duncan, Education Secretary; he told us that education is the civil rights issue of this generation. “Parents: Turn off the television. Educators: We have to stop making excuses,” he said. “The dividing line in our country today is less around white and black and more about educational opportunity. We’ve been too satisfied with second-class schools.”

Also, the Shaprton’s National Action Network choir performed an original song that rocked the stadium; I cannot remember the name, but it was slamming. Afterwards, a sea of predominately black men, women, and children marched down 6th St. N.W until we convened at the MLK  national memorial construction site. Howard University had a strong presence with many students in attendance.

Ok, let me mention Becks day of returning American back to God and being more Jesus Like – I’d assume was his message of this day.  However, I cannot forget Glenn Becks 2009 statement ref. President Barack Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” And earlier this year, he urged viewers to quit churches that preached “social justice,” a term he equated with socialism.  Correct me if I’m naive; this is certainly Godly and Jesus like.

Now, I need to talk about Alveda King for a moment.  We know Alveda is a high-paid, right-wing nut.  Earlier this month, Alveda King spoke at a NOM rally in Atlanta, where she compared marriage equality to “genocide” and warned that it would lead to “extinction.”

“In 1994, Alveda released a letter condemning Coretta Scott King’s support for abortion and gay rights, saying it would bring ‘curses on your house and your people … cursing, vexation, rebuke in all that you put your hand to, sickness will come to you and your house, your bloodline will be cut off.’   “Lynn Cothren, Coretta Scott King’s openly gay special assistant for 23 years, recalls Alveda’s vocal opposition to a hospice for AIDS patients in her neighborhood. Once, says Cothren, Alveda brought religious tracts to the King Center and encouraged him to repent.  “‘Mrs. King dealt with it,” said Cothren, ‘and she didn’t pass out any more tracts.’”

So, to sum up the battle of black and white theist in Washington:

Both sides talked about God

Both sides talked about Jesues

Both sides talked about morality

Both sides talked about honor

Both sides talked about religion

Both sides had christian leaders speak.

So, why couldn’t they come together as one nation under God and be more Jesus like?   You tell me.  I’d deduce from the actions from both groups that religion is the vice that keeps them separated. Yes, my friends – it is the root of that which maketh men evil, pure evil, and more evil.