a Negro infidel quest for freedom, justice and equality


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In a nation that was Not founded upon religion nor founded by religionist, but certainly full of religious nuts, Now it is our time to restore sanity to the masses.  I will meet you at the Mall on the day before All Hallows- Eve: Oct 30, 2010.

Enough is enough!  Enough psychologically destructive proselytizing  from the book of scribbles ( da Bible).  The good book, jammed packed with images of White divinity,  has been nothing but unconsciously controlling.   Dr. Francis Welsing tells us that absolutley critical to the white supremacy system of religious throught was the formation of the image of white man as the son of God.  Because the brain-computer funcitons most fundamentally on logic circuits at deep unconscious levels, it automatically computes that God the fatehr is also a white male.  If God is other than white, he would have produced a black (or other non-white) son.

Any person programmed to accept religion, whether conscious of it or not, has the image and concept of God as a white man in the logic network of his/her brain, and with this unconscious logic circit of God is a white man firmly in place.

Generally, what people believe determines their attitudes.  Our actions are grounded in our attitudes and our attitudes are grounded on our beliefs.  These so called vessels of God ( pastors) are responsible for the alarming growth of wide spread ignorance.

Yes, we are living in the last days!  The last days of total ignorance.  The masses of freethinkers continue to grow.  However, it isn’t too hard to begin questioning the blatant fallacious biblical tales.   Example.  If you think Noah collected two of each species and loaded them on a cruise liner, then you certainly believe the world trade buildings, including building #7, collapsed due to fire. I’m surprised the Pentagon didn’t collapse!

Moving forward.  Let us restor sanity to America by telling ourselves the truth.  Santa Claus and the flying raindeer games are all false.   Ghost do not exist.  Fairies and the Tooth Fairies are false too.  Sorry, but the virginal conception of Jesus by Mary is a lie also.

THE AGE OF LIES.  It’s not secret we are rotten to the core with hypocrisy. They talk about heaven while on their way to hell.   A preacher may preach about David stealing Uriah’s wife, be he’d better not breath a word about Deacon Johnson who stole Deacon’s Jones wife.  Many preachers will vehemently toss around anti-gay rhetoric, but will never speak about the boys he has manipulated and molested, or his same sex attractions.   But continue to open your wallets and give, give and give.  Show pastor the money! Amen?

Join me and a million more to restore Sanity to America!


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