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“A slave to a man you love.”

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2010 at 11:35 am

Eddie Long you’re FINISHED!   And to Jamal Parris, in the words of the late Walter Hawkins popular gospel song, “Don’t wait ’till the battle is over to shout now,
You know in the end, you’re gonna WIN.”

We should expect a settlement very soon!  Jamal Parris riveting testimony tonight is enough that any judge and or jury would find  Eddie Long GUILTY.  As Jamal spoke, every fatherless black male could relate. As Jamal spoke, every black female raising a son without a male presence could relate. And as Jamal spoke, the black community at large could relate.  Jamal spoke from a deep place that has been torn into pieces: his heart.  This was no prepared script.  Jamal was REAL.  His story … I need a minute to regroup.  I cannot finish this at this moment cause I feel emotions overcoming me.  When Jamal stated the reasons he couldn’t stop and tell Eddie enough is enough, instantly I thought of the words from Donnie Hathaways song:, Giving Up.

Giving up is hard to do
When you really love someone
Giving up …. so hard to do
When you still depend upon
Her warm and tender touch
Her kiss and her hug……….her caress
Oooooh that used to mean so much
And bring you happiness
Woooo ooooooooh

Giving up, so hard to do
I’ve tried
But it just ain’t no use
Giving up, so hard to do
I said I’ve tried
But it just ain’t no use
But my light of hope is burning dim
But in my heart I pray
That my love and faith in the girl
My love…will bring her back someday

I’m talking ’bout when you really love someone


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