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Bus Boycott by Religious Negros

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2010 at 5:29 pm

If there were a God, HE would’ve freed the enslaved Negro psyche.    The Negro League of Fort Worth, Texas christian ministers, in collaboration with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)  plan to stage a major bus boycott.  Why?  On Dec 5, four Fort Worth buses will adorn an advertisment by a local Atheist group ( see sign above).

And it’s true: Millions are good without God.  And I am just one of the millions who are just fine and dandy without the man who religionist say made the first man named Adam, a female from Adam’s rib named Eve, and they lived in a garden with a evil talking snake.

So, I guess that means black church folks will walk and or carpool to work and for errands.  Fort Worth is no urban city; therefore, getting around requires an engine.  Black folks in Texas ain’t walking nowhere!  This ain’t  1953 Baton Rouge, La, nor 1955 Montgomer,AL.  My fellow negros lack the fortitude of the negro of nearly 60 years ago.

Now, the Texas Transit Authority (T) has fired back reference the ministers planned boycott.  “If there’s a fight out there they need to pick the right enemy. I don’t think the Transit Authority is the one they need to be fighting. There’s a group that funded these ads.  If you’re against the words in the ad, like they say don’t kill the messenger,” said Anthony Johnson, executive vice president of operations for the T.

I’m certain my beloved negro religionist will back down from their boycott before making such an embarrassment of the black religionist community.  Once again, a huge display of ignorance on behalf of the black religious community.  Disparities abound within the black community, but we galvanize behind a bus boycott over freedom of religious thought. Hmmm?




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