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Tiger Woods: Kiss My Buddhist Azz Journalist

In Uncategorized on February 21, 2010 at 1:39 am

Tiger certainly demonstrated how much muscle he possess. Journalist around the globe are highly PISSED at the one and only Mr. Tiger Woods.! Journalist and radio heads are saying, ” Tiger’s apology won’t work,”  “Tiger digs a deeper hole,” Tiger’s Naive,”  and “Still waiting for answers.”  I love witnessing mass media in a frenzy.

Tiger created his own media. Yes, Tiger said “F” you all; I’m calling the shots.  And immediately afterward, all his sponsors came running back. Now that’s what I call smart as hell. Tiger will emerge with ever more popularity and even greater wealth. THE END!

I refuse to watch or read Tiger’s statement! Why? Tiger doesn’t owe me an apology. Why?
1, I didn’t elect Tiger to his position
2. Tiger doesn’t hold an official position that represents anyone
3. Tiger did not solicit my stamp of approval nor opinion
4. Tiger did not rally support of any person, nor group
( especially us Negros who think we made Tiger)

Get the point?
Listen. No one asked Rush Limbaugh to apologize for 3 divorces (soon to be 4th wife with young girl). And no one asked all those  sho’nuff- rolling- stone daddys to apologize.