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Jorge Torres Puello: A Man with Balls

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Birds of a feather stick together? The bold 10 Americans, arrested in Haiti for child trafficking, legal case just went from crazy to bizarre! Now, their legal advisor ,Mr.Jorge Torres Puello ( aka Jorge Torres Orellana) who does not possess a law degree, is wanted in multiple countries for sex trafficking, child prostitution, and previously arrested several times for drug and sex trafficking. Puello’s wife was convicted in a case of child prostitution; afterwards, Mr. Puello left the country – wanted by Salvadorean police – before ending up in Haiti. And now he is the American’s legal advisor!? Wow – what a cast of characters!

What’s more laughable is that Puello is sporting the Jewish kippah on his head. Folks wear this symbol to make a huge statement and obligates the wearer to live up to a certain standard of behavior. האיש הוא מטורף Translated: the man is crazy?

What character will appear next? All this story needs are a few sex offenders as special liaisons, and maybe a major drug cartel connection. I want to believe that one or more of the Americans are innocent church going folks, just trying to do good, and got caught up. But this story just keeps getting better. The movie will be great!

An international arrest warrant was issued Saturday for the legal adviser on sex-trafficking charges.
Salvadoran police raided a home in May that turned up passports and an ID card in the names of both Jorge Torres Puello and his alias, Jorge Torres Orellana. Each of the documents bore photos of the same man. His wife was arrested in that raid and charged with sex trafficking, and her trial is pending.
In a phone interview with CNN on Sunday, Jorge Torres Puello acknowledged he is the same man wanted by Salvadoran authorities. He denied the charges against him.

For some very interesting, detailed and unknown info about Jorge Puello, not yet covered by major media, go to The Daily Bastardette.